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Dinner Menu

Thursday - Friday 6 pm to 10pm.
Saturday 12- 6 pm.
Sunday 12-6 pm.


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THURSDAY DINNER (Spaghetti bake & Garlic bread)

Always fresh; our home made spaghetti is made 100% with love. This dish contains heart healthy ingredients. Our meat replacement includes mushrooms and only five percent soy. This bake is packed with greens to help the body create nitric oxide. Topped off with our signature Colby Jack vegan cheese and served with a crispy, buttery, garlic bread.


FRIDAY DINNER (Veggie cheesesteak n fries)

Our vegan cheesesteak is a crowd favorite. You know we couldn't just stop there. We now offer our cheesesteak vegetarian style as well. Our always fresh ; white mushrooms are pan seared with garlic, herbs and onions. They are then blended with red, yellow, and green peppers with your choice of melty vegan or vegetarian cheese on a soft and crisp bun. Served with home made crinkle cut fries.


SATURDAY LUNCH/ DINNER (Veggie fajita bowl)

This meal is great for powering through your Saturday. Our fajita bowl is the perfect combination of brown rice, mushrooms, avocado slices, pico, black beans and lettuce. Served with your choice of fajita or chips. If you're feeling up for it we do offer a quest drizzle for a small uncharge.


SOUL SUNDAY (Soul food)

Each day is a blessing but here at the Soul Kitchen Sundays are extra special. Celebrate with us by having a vegan soul plate. A variety of soul food choices that include : stuffing, vegan or vegetarian mac, brussels, loaded vegan mash, cauliflower wings , Hawaiian roll. (pick 4 items from list)


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