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I'm uncle Marc. I'm apart of TEAM Imani because, well, she's my niece and I love and support her. Her introspective conversations would captivate a whole room full of our relatives about her views on "The Anthrax Scare" during "The 9/11 Attacks". We knew back then--a little girl--she was going to grow into a very special young lady. As for myself I'm a 44yr old, West Indian/American husband with a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful children for over 22 years. I'm a Telecommunications Technician with 25 years in title. I love traveling abroad with my family whenever finances allow. I love weekend outings with my family that end in dining out at restaurants we love or haven't tried yet. I'm an avid auto enthusiast and weekend mechanic. I'd like to trace my lineage back to King Mansa Musa and I think I've traced our heritage back to the Yoruba People through a Richard Beale Blaize, a prominent businessman of the 1800's, who migrated to Freetown. And did I say I'm TEAM Imani?

PS., to all the early morning or late evening commuters between Brooklyn and Queens I've harrassed to patronize "Simply Soul Sisters", thanks for coming.

Marc Blaize
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