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So often we trick ourselves into thinking that our 9-5 has drained us of all of our energy, leaving no time to chase our dreams. You MUST build a routine for yourself in order to reach your end goal. This starts by retraining your brain on the idea of what a "hard day of work is". 

YOUR 9-5 PAYS THE BILLS but it will not create the life that you want for yourself, it will not help you become F R E E. You must dedicate 3 hours at the least to your future self. Waiting until the weekend to get work done slows down the process, imagine how much more you can get done if you worked on yourself throughout the week ?

FIGURE OUT YOUR WHY because not one of us were put on this earth to work all day for someone else, come home, wake up, and do it all over again. Once you know what you are working for you will have the motivation to give yourself the daily push to make working towards your life purpose a priority.  

WORKSPACE is very important, this helps to put your brain into "work mode". Set up a desk area in your space where you make sure to sit whenever you are getting work done. Sometimes we try to sit in bed with our laptop but this causes your brain to assume "chill mode" and even though your intentions are to get work done, the rest of your body is winding down making it hard to really be productive. 


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