Here at SimplySoulSearchin we understand the importance in providing access to healing spaces for people of color. The systemic oppression that impacts people of color daily is extremely damaging to the mental health and wellbeing of colored people and if they aren't aware of the energy that they carry, the injustice can alter their individual ways of being as well as impact the future generation.  Generations of colored people have often and still often find themselves depressed,  filled with anxiety , and even sometimes suicidal because  as a collective, they carry ancestral trauma. They find themselves filled with animosity towards other groups of people for not understanding what they are experiencing and it keeps them vibrating at low frequencies. The time to heal and release generations of ancestral trauma caused by systemic oppression is now. We are working to reach more people of color by providing community events that promote mental health education and wellness. 


 Any donation that you give to our mission will go towards funding FREE mental health services to the ones who need it. 

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