Are you tired of booking traditional therapy appointments that aren't truly helping ? Are you open to trying a more holistic approach to your mental health healing journey? \

SimplySoulSearchin services are here
 to help others heal through alternative and sound healing therapy. Owner of the brand, Imani Blaize uses the frequencies of crystal sound bowls, gongs, and other sound instruments to release the body of trapped energy. Paired with guided meditations and a keen awareness of client needs, souls are guaranteed to experience a breakthrough during a service session. 

SECURE a session by booking a service to gain a spot on the weekly calendar. Upon booking you will receive an email with time slots that are open for the week that you want to receive services. 

If you are a NON PROFIT organization, you may be eligible for discounted service rates. 

For further questions, contact Blaize directly at

Choose your pricing plan

  • Consultation Call

    Let's make sure we are a good fit for healing together
    • 30 Minutes
    • Open for questions and concerns
  • Soul Shift Coaching

    • A Safe Space To Feel Heard
    • Coping Advice
    • Non Traditional Therapy
    • 1 on 1 scheduling
    • Trauma Healing
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Private Yoga

    1 hour of Kemetic Yoga
    • Kemetic Yoga predates all forms of mainstream yoga
    • Emphasis on spiritual connection vs physicality
    • All levels are welcome
  • Sound Therapy

    1 on 1 Sound Healing Therapy (READ DETAILS)
    • 1 hour
    • Outdoor Nature OR In Home Setting
    • Travel Fee Applies Outside Of Charlotte Area
    • 2 Person Mininum (Price Reflects PER person)
    • Tuning Fork Alignment
    • Sound Healing Therapy
    • Energy Release
  • Custom Meditation

    A personal meditation for your specific needs
    • Remove blockages through sound healing therapy
    • The use of your own name speaks to you personally
    • Use as many times as you need
    • Targets your specific situation
    • 2 recorded guided meditations (15 minutes each)
  • Group Sound Therapy

    Bring your tribe together for a sound or yoga experience
    • Travel Fee Outside of Charlotte, NC
    • Sound Healing Bath (1hour)
    • Maximum 30 participants
    • Great For Small Events
    • Meditative Atmosphere Set UP
  • Large Events

    Bring the sound healing experience to your next large event.
    • Travel Fee Outside of Charlotte NC
    • Chakra Balancing
    • Energy Cleansing
    • Sound Healing Bath (1hour)
    • For events with 40 or more people
    • Meditative Atmoshpere Set Up
  • Employee Zoom

    Give the wellness experience to your employees
    • 1 hour
    • Sound healing meditation
    • Desk yoga
    • Mat yoga
    • Via zoom
  • Workplace Wellness

    Give the wellness experience to your employees
    • 1 hour
    • Sound Healing Meditation
    • Desk Yoga
    • Mat Yoga
    • Session takes place at your office