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This 21 day program will reset your mind , body, and spirit at any time you feel you need to do some soul searchin'.  You'll have daily activities as well as direct access to Imani Blaize , certified alternative therapist. Yes, that means you can text her if you're having a moment or a break down during this challenge. This challenge will not be easy but it will help you do the soul searchin that you are craving.  SOUL SEARCHIN' IS THE ACT OF GETTING TO THE ROOT OF WHAT IS CAUSING RESistance IN YOUR LIFE. IT'S QUITTING THE BLAME GAME AND HOLDING YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE FOR LIVING THE LIFE YOU SAY YOU WANT to live. To soul search powerfully, you need a spirit vessel that is open and clear. When your body is weighed down by food waste , outdated habits, and unproductive routines , your spirit vessel becomes blocked and it becomes difficult to hear your soul. YOUR SOUL IS WHERE THE MOST HIGH , DIVINE , GOD SPIRIT WITHIN YOU LIVES.  FROM YOUR SOUL IS WHERE YOU CREATE YOUR HEAVEN ON EARTH. The 777 challenge will gift you with a cleansed, clear , vessel in order to receive divine guidance, transform the quality of your life , and come back to your soul.  Join me on my MISSION TO CREATE A GANG OF HEALING HEALERS THROUGH YOUR OWN HEALING. LET'S HEAL TOGETHER.

777 Detox Challenge

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